I hope they’ll go on a journey with us. Skram NYC is meant to be a celebration not just of beauitful products, but also the intimate human process that brings these objects to life.  We want the space to offer an inspiring, thought-provoking experience.

Jacob Marks

Skram believes the bond between people and planet runs directly from its sustainable factory floor right to the showroom. This ethos is realized in the opening of Skram’s flagship showcase, a 2,500 sq. ft. space at the New York Design Center aimed at providing a deeper client experience by laying bare the process underlying the product.

Unlike a conventional showroom experience, the intent with Skram NYC is to bring to light the fabrication processes that created the pieces on display, rather than only featuring the refined outcomes in a simulated context. This encourages engagement with the beauty in every step–process to product–from nature’s raw materials to the distillations that define the Skram brand.


we feature lovely examples of the finished product, but we add to this a ‘deconstructed’ aspect where we highlight the beauty of what you may not see. . .the process, the details. It’s playful, but it’s serious, too.  It’s an opportunity for us to engage with our clients on a higher level.