Skram strives to minimize waste and the use of noxious chemicals, and to use responsibly harvested materials. As part of its ongoing program to mitigate the harmful effects associated with manufacturing, skram uses non-toxic adhesives and industrial-strength, low-VOC, water-based polyurethane finishes. Additionally, the company is committed to broadening it’s offering of certified timber options as they become available in consistent quantity and quality.  Locally harvested materials also constitute an important source of timber for skram. In 2008, the company transitioned to a LEED contributing, formaldehyde-free, 100% pre-consumer recycled content substrate in veneered products. The company is a member of American Forests (, the Rainforest Alliance (, and the Sustainable Furnishings Council (    

Beyond these practices, however, skram is committed to a deeper interpretation of sustainability. That interpretation rejects built-in obsolescence and argues for the creation of objects of truly enduring beauty, crafted with care, and intended for a lifetime of use. Skram views conservation and recycling as mainstays of the environmental movement, and the company is dedicated to such practices. But, in an era where trends of fashion and shoddy construction make quick biodegradability necessary, skram is something of an anachronism—a company that believes that quality is more than a slogan, and that innovative design paired with meticulous workmanship and authentic materials can yield objects enduring value.

Skram's position as a leader in sustainable manufacturing was strengthened with the 2015 installation of a rooftop solar array at its Burlington, North Carolina facility.  The energy resulting from the installation directly powers the machinery used to build the Company's furniture, with excess energy fed back into the traditional power grid.  The benefits of Skram's conversion to solar include the annual offset of over 30,000 pounds of coal and over 50,000 pounds of CO2.  To view the full announcement regarding skram's solar installation, click here