on manufacturing

The North Carolina Piedmont region where Skram is located has for decades been a hub of furniture manufacturing.  In recent years this changed.  Hundreds of furniture companies and ancillary firms closed or relocated overseas.  Tens of thousands of jobs were eliminated.

Skram’s rise in the midst of this decline is no accident--it is the result of a model of manufacturing that achieves sustainable growth through the creation of objects of enduring value and sound design. Skram’s approach to manufacturing is rooted in the belief that the objects produced by a society are a reflection of the character and priorities of that society.  The company seeks to promote an interpretation of sustainability that directly impacts not only what is produced, but also the mode of production.  Thus, Skram furniture brings the artisan back to the factory, producing objects on a scale that permits the fulfillment of volume orders without sacrificing the attention to detail expected by its customers.  

Quality, durability, restraint, utility—skram furniture is a reflection of these resurgent American ideals.  Leading by example, the company embodies an ethic that merges innovative, useful design with meticulous workmanship and an encompassing view of sustainability.