Skram offers a range of services tailored to a clientele who value the company’s commitment to producing objects that are innovative in design, visually restrained, and uncompromising in their quality.  In addition to the sales of non-customized products at standard lead times (typically 8-12 weeks), the company offers the following special services to customers seeking either customization or requiring accelerated turnaround times. 


Responding to the needs of customers for whom timing trumps flexibility, skram maintains limited inventory of select items.  In stock items ship within 10 business days of order confirmation.  As stock levels constantly change, updated inventory lists should be requested through skram showroom representatives or by contacting the company directly.  

Rush Order

Similar to the quickship program, Skram’s rush order program permits accelerated lead times and guaranteed delivery dates for not in stock or customized items.  Upcharges apply for this service and are calculated as a percentage of invoiced amount relative to required delivery date.   


Skram views its product line as a springboard for the creative vision of its clients. The company’s range is customizable in material, scale, and configuration beyond the standard options.  Custom services fall into two basic categories, depending on the project scope: